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With more than three decades of experience in the IT sector, Pista Cero S.L. has established itself as an undisputed market leader. Since our inception, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence. Our long trajectory has allowed us to gain the trust of companies and educational centers all over Spain.

What sets us apart is our focus on quality and professionalism. We are not just a technology company, but a strategic ally for our customers.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the commitment of management and the involvement of all personnel.

We have an extensive network of more than 300 associates distributed throughout the country, which gives us a great territorial capillarity. This presence allows us to offer complete IT solutions nationwide. We provide global solutions based on specialization.

Over the years, we have evolved with the market, going from being a reference in the sale and distribution of hardware to become a strategic partner in the digitization of companies. We are committed to helping organizations adapt and thrive in an increasingly digital environment.

At Pista Cero, we are proud of our history and look forward to the future with enthusiasm. If you are looking for a trusted partner in the world of technology and digitization, we are here to help you drive your business to success.

  1. 2004


    The market in general, and the IT channel in particular, has changed dramatically over the past year. We must invest and change our approach to remain competitive. During this year, the IT system was changed to SAP R/3, the retail stores were refurbished, and investments were made in the professionalization of management positions. In short, more than €700,000 is invested in order to remain the benchmark.

  2. 2005


    The heavy investments made in 2004 were completed, in terms of execution and implementation, in June 2005, at which point we are planning new projects that will be 100x100% operational at the beginning of 2006. In this respect, the company has once again been highly innovative, as evidenced by the creation of a new concept of IT maintenance for SMEs, or a totally "groundbreaking" consumables catalog.

  3. 2006


    Year of consolidation of investments and year of specialization, the market becomes globalized, and the path chosen by Pista Cero is specialization, the Pyming concept begins.

  4. 2007


    The market has changed a lot, IT is atomizing, average hardware prices are plummeting, the strength of the euro and the intrusiveness of the sector are causing margins to fall further and the traditional channel is faltering. Pista Cero, thanks to its experience and to the fact that it had already done its homework, has a lower turnover, but manages to grow in profit and consolidate its commitment to SMEs. 5 new professional franchises are opened.

  5. 2008


    The crisis affects all sectors and all companies, but to a lesser extent Pista Cero because it does not depend on consumption and because it has a very lean and well-prepared structure. It is the year of the bet on Dell, we became the first traditional DELL distributor by business volume.

  6. 2009


    In the year of the crisis, sales are down in all sectors and areas. Pista Cero is the year of the franchises, the bet for a model of reconversion of the professionals of the sector is beginning to bear fruit and there are already 25 associated franchises.

  7. 2010


    Globally, the crisis lasts, but for Pista Cero it becomes a turning point, sales recover and turnover increases by 20%, mainly due to the SME and educational sectors. The franchise conversion model continues to bear fruit, reaching 60 franchises.

  8. 2011


    The year of cutbacks. In the public sector, investments are paralyzed and consumption reaches historic lows. Pista Cero is successful because its sales are not dependent on consumption, and because its policy of associated franchises is coming together, reaching 100 companies. Turnover is down slightly due to the impact of cuts in education and the public sector, but margin and profitability are up.

  9. 2012


    The highlight of the year is the signing with Apple as an Authorized Reseller. Together with Dell, HP and Microsoft, we already have the market leaders in the SMB segment. Despite still being in the most virulent phase of the crisis, we managed to increase turnover and reach 8M euros.

  10. 2013


    We continue to grow, a little, but growing. It is the year of the great commitment to Associates, we reached the incredible figure of 200 and we are committed to adding value to our proposal. We are launching the most innovative professional purchasing manager in the sector, the most economical online store, and we are doing so while maintaining the most transparent model in the entire sector.

  11. 2014


    Years of recovery. We are finally growing again! We surpassed 9M in sales, improving margins. The focus on SMEs is definitive and the Retail market is definitively discarded, with a strong commitment to proprietary cloud services that generate higher margins and recurrence. This line will mark the future of Pista Cero in the coming years. The increase in margins is used to reinvest in infrastructure, ERPs and personnel.

  12. 2015


    The IT sector is recovering after a major restructuring caused by the crisis of the past few years. Pista Cero continues its positive trajectory and is growing above the market, reaching a turnover of 11 million and 250 associates. In the business sector, the commitment to cloud services is definitively consolidated with the launch of VDI and IP PBX services.

  13. 2016


    A good year! We met our objectives, exceeded 12 million in turnover, reached 40% of the profit in recurring revenues, continued to grow in Associates and improved profitability. This is the year in which we definitively closed all our Retail sales lines. Our commitment to SMEs is unwavering. We expect the positive trend to continue in 2017, a year in which we plan to invest heavily in innovation and infrastructure.

  14. 2017


    In spite of the political uncertainty that has been experienced very intensely in the second quarter of the year, we managed to grow 7% in sales and 10% in profitability, we reached the desired figure of 300 Associates, and we became Wholesalers of Acronis and Nod32 solutions. Also noteworthy is the creation of our own PXE solution for Technical Service. All in all, a good year that we trust will continue in 2018.

  15. 2018


    We turned 30 years old and we celebrated it as it deserved: we went to Port Aventura with our Associates. It was an unforgettable two days of work and leisure that culminated in showing them the key to compete against Amazon and the big e-tailers. We ended the year with a big party with the staff of Pista Cero and its closest collaborators. On a numerical level, a great year. We increased our turnover by 12% to 14,500,000 euros, maintained more than 300 associates and consolidated our cloud services with growth of over 20%. A year of growth that has led to investments in personnel and knowledge in order to remain competitive and offer a high level of service, 2019, we face it calmly and with the intention of consolidating the major milestones achieved in 2018.

  16. 2019


    As we expected, it has been a year of consolidation, we have maintained turnover and are making great strides in our commitment to recurring revenues. In terms of Cloud services, we are moving up to the top tier by consolidating our infrastructures with high availability. Hand in hand with Vmware and its VSAN solutions, we fight with the best in the market while maintaining our proximity and support services.

  17. 2020


    Year COVID. A disconcerting and at the same time exciting year due to the challenge of facing a situation that had never been experienced before. We started with an ERTE of 75% of the workforce, which we exceeded in 45 days. Then we jumped on the bandwagon of digitalization, cloud services and teleworking: the result was magnificent. We ended the year with a 16% growth to reach 16.800.000€ of turnover and growth in all business lines. We were one of the privileged sectors within the great misfortune of the pandemic.

  18. 2021


    We did not get off the train. We take advantage of all the opportunities that COVID's misfortune continues to offer. The digitalization of companies continues unabated. We are growing in all areas, our turnover reaches 19,590,000 euros, the number of associates exceeds 350, our Cloud services are growing by more than 25% and we have once again won several public tenders. It should be noted that 2021 is the year in which the Programming Department is created with the aim of remaking our portal/comparator and making it the best in the market.

  19. 2022


    Year to take a breath of fresh air after two very stressful COVID exercises. We have seen a slight drop in turnover due to the logical readjustments in the hardware market, but we continue to grow in Cloud services. We presented our new CDTI-funded portal and initiated ISO 27001 certification and an ambitious sustainability and corporate equality plan.

  20. 2023


    We achieved ENS and ISO 27.001 certification, maintained turnover and improved recurrence. We launched our new WISETIC Cloud service brand to remove the stigma that we are a company that only sells hardware. We make the 5th evolution of our Logo and renew our corporate and Associates WEB.



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